Are You Ready Grow Your Soul-Aligned Business & Become the Elevated Version of You?


Welcome to the to the hybrid business growth program that gives you a 360-Degree level of support so you can make an impact, spread your message, and gain the freedom to WORK AND LIVE ON YOUR TERMS!


 Does any of this sound like you?

✔️ You're a purpose-driven coach, expert, practitioner, creative, or entrepreneurial business owner.

✔️ Feeling burned out from doing what no longer brings you excitement or passion and want to break free...

✔️ Experiencing overwhelm, paralyzed by confusion, fears, and lack of confidence that keep you from showing up consistently...

✔️ Ready to pivot your brick n' mortar business online so that you can live where and how YOU want, and no longer have to fear local limitations...

✔️ Ready to create a soul-aligned business and life doing what YOU love, so you can FINALLY DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF, while ALSO making an impact and experiencing joy, freedom, and total fulfillment.

Elevate 360 Gives You...

The personalized marketing, branding, and business strategy you need to grow your business, PLUS the accountability you need to take consistent action, AND the High-Level Emotional Mastery you need to BECOME CONFIDENT, change your thoughts, and create a healthy lifestyle that supports you as a business owner and entrepreneur!


We call it the 360 Matrix!

It also gives you permission and empowerment to start DOING SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. 


It's YOUR turn now


You're Ready to...

⭐ Launch your business & fill your schedule with ideal clients.

⭐ Create & fill your 1-1 & group programs or sell products online.

Release your fears & limiting beliefs to build your successful business or practice.

Get out of analysis-paralysis and stop the dream-destroying procrastination.

Stop the information overload from collecting subpar courses and programs you do nothing with.

⭐ And start taking EFFECTIVE action with expert guidance and feedback to guide you through the best process for YOU.

“Within the first month that I joined Elevate 360, I raised my rates and had 3 new clients sign up for my group program!!"

-Jennifer Casey, Personal Trainer🏋🏻‍♀️ Genetics Fitness Coach 🧬 Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, BODY BY JENNEFIT 



Personalized Coaching & Mentoring For 6 Months

There is no cookie-cutter approach, no one-shoe-fits-all Strategy! We believe that each individual has a Zone of Genius and success is about tapping into that and developing a strategy and approach that is right for them.


You get a 45-minute private Strategy Coaching session each quarter with Michelle to pivot, keep you on track, and refine your strategy!

FOUR LIVE Group Hot Seat Coaching Sessions Per Month To Get Your Burning Questions Answered

Weekly live sessions keep your momentum and energy going, and keep you accountable. You’ll find you don’t even want to make your usual excuses anymore!

Get HOTSEAT COACHING with the spotlight on you when you need it on our Zoom calls.

- TWO LIVE Zoom group Strategy sessions per month

- ONE LIVE Zoom Soul Session per month

ONE LIVE Emotional Mastery Session Per Month

ONE LIVE Emotional Mastery Zoom session every month with our expert, highly-trained Emotional Mastery coaches,  who bring their extensive psychotherapy backgrounds to help you you manage your emotions, past trauma, and create positive life changes to help sustain you as a business owner. *


(*Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice.)

Quarterly Virtual Strategy Days

Every quarter, we have a LIVE Quarterly Planning and Strategy Sessions on Zoom to connect, refocus, pivot, and finalize your next quarter's strategy to keep you on track, with total clarity, and making forward progress!

FOUR (4) Quarterly Virtual Strategy Days Per Year

Every quarter, we have two half-day LIVE Quarterly Planning and Strategy Sessions on Zoom to connect, refocus, pivot, and finalize your next quarter's strategy to keep you on track, with total clarity, and making forward progress!

A Monthly Co-Working Session

Bring what you're working on to get extra help as you implement. Some co-working sessions will focus on one area and we walk you through implementation. 

Access To Our Virtual Training Vault with NEW Training Modules Each Month

All training is created based on what YOU and the group need! Learn the marketing, business, & branding strategies and systems for building a brand with authentic and impactful messaging. 

Get clarity and breakthroughs with thinking tools, clarity exercises, templates, personalized resources, samples, and checklists. Full 24/7 access to our growing repository of content that includes: 

- Extra trainings are added regularly to ensure you are set up for success

>> Business, Marketing, PR, Tech, & Emotional Mastery Training modules

>> Soul, Creativity, Heath & Wellness Modules with Tools, Journaling, Guided Meditations, & Practices

>> Templates, Checklists, Cheatsheets

>> Swipe Files

>> Printable + Downloadable Tools

The Elevate 360 Exclusive Private Facebook Forum

The POWER of a tight-knit mastermind community is unmatched! 

>> Grow from the collective brainpower and a support system you can reach out to!

>> Get resources for what you need, when you need it!

>> Lots of high-fives, strategy coaching, and high-level support from Michelle, your Emotional Mastery coaches and your peers in our closed Facebook group. 

>> This is ALSO your practice space! You'll be posting your homework – videos, taglines, content, imagery, and more – because this is how we get things right, and get feedback from me and your peers.



Get Momentum and Develop Business Partnerships that Expand Your Reach Exponentially & Friendships That Last a Lifetime!

Apply Now

Your Investment 

Complete your application before doors to this offer close on Tuesday at midnight.

BEST VALUE! (Special Bonus - Get a Free 90-minute VIP Branding Session with me and our brilliant branding coach!)

One Time Payment of $6000

Limited Time


FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLAN [We Loan You the Money!|

Start today for just $2400

Then just 5 monthly payments of $840


“I had a just over $11000 month that included 4 pay in fulls for my new coaching program, and now I also have regular online conversion events with sales from $4000 - $8000 in just over an hour!"

Instantly, my online Live sales were profitable without me having to travel, go to shows and all the expenses that go with it. She helped me meet my peeps where they are and bring them along gently and excitedly to the new way I was going to show up for them."

-Suzanne Armstrong, CEO, So Totally Sue & Art to Wearhouse


"I trippled my income!"

-Wendy Perkins-Shoef, The Success Doula, Business Coach

Experience the POWER of a tight-knit mastermind community! 

One of the greatest benefits of Elevate 360 is the safe community of soul-aligned entrepreneurs who come from different perspectives and all walks of life, who are supporting and cheering you on!


  • Collective brainpower for brainstorming & problem solving.
  • Opportunity for partnerships that significantly grow your visibility.
  • Diverse insights and unique perspectives that catapult your business.
  • A safe space and solid support system you can reach out to anytime!
  • Learn from colleagues who are ahead of you and inspire those who are at earlier stages than you.

“In the other programs, it's just information handed out to you and you have to figure it out. 

Since starting Elevate, I have been able to restructure how I approach my business and practice and have feedback whenever I get stuck. 

The group, coaching and accountability helps in moving forward.

The modules, branding and social media sessions have helped in developing my voice in my business and my message. 

The templates and step-by-step process really helped in figuring out the content and messaging." 

-Edith Arias, Co-founder of Semillas Wellness



Michelle Rabell

CEO of Biz.Life.Love. Coaching & the Creator of the Elevate 360 Virtual Mastermind

Michelle Rabell is the Lead Elevate 360 Strategy Coach. She is a co-creator of big visions. She is a marketing and brand strategist, an international business coach, and a Catalyst Life Coach. Michelle has coached and created brands for non-profits, coaching companies, life coaches, executive coaches, acupuncturists, therapists, wellness practitioners, creators of women's movements, and healthcare systems.  

She shares her insight and secrets from 15+ years of working behind-the-scenes to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to bring in six- and seven- figures by leveraging social media and digital marketing. 

Her mission to help people who help others to walk the path of ultimate fulfillment by creating a soulful business and life doing what they love.


Matt Bram, LPCS, LCAS, MAC

Elevate 360 Emotional Mastery Coach

Matt is a holistic addictions, trauma, and relationship therapist and coach, as well as a published author. 

He considers the work he does to be a fine tuning of the body, mind, and soul.

Matt spent the past 20+ years researching how to grow out of difficult, stuck patterns. His purpose here is to help people make lasting change and live a courageous, balanced, and happy life.



Elevate 360 Emotional Mastery Coach

Kerry is Certified Life Coach, EMDR therapist, Certified Equine therapist, and Professor.  

As a Catalyst for Change, Kerry specializes in trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and the art of joy & happiness.

She spent 5 years at North Western medical school studying brain behavior. She is also an artist, wanderer, author, editor, lover of life and all beings great and small!


Suzanne Cleveland Armstrong

Branding & Creativity Coach

Suzanne is an expert copywriter,  life coach, and cheerleader! She help people to become Self-Love Leaders so they Show up each day feeling Authentic, Aligned, and fully ALIVE!"

A True "Medicine Woman of the SOUL", Suzanne uses the lessons and wisdom gained from her own journey of Self Awareness as her Expertise to help women “Return Home” to themselves.  

Her mission is to help women Embody and Embrace the Enoughness of who they already are in order to create & experience the SOULicious lives of their dreams! She has helped thousands of women to L.O.L. ~ LIVE out loud, LOVE out loud, & LEAD out Loud!